Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Wonderfull picture

Try to see this picture, don't close your eyes.
The color will be white
PROOF it!!

Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

As we know that charity is give money someone or give one else. Went we give our money automatically our money is minus but people say that how many we give our money to someone we will get more than before.
This is the fact
10 – 1 = 9
10 as our money
1 is our charity
9 is equals that we will get
We can see the equals is more than the minus.
So.... let's charity

Kita tau bahwa beramal adalah memberikan uang pada seseorang. Ketika kita memberikan uang otomatis uang kita akan berkurang, tapi banyak orang berkata bahwa ketika kita beramal maka suatu saat kita pasti akan mendapatkan lebih dari yang kita berikan.
Ini fakta yang bisa kita lihat dalam rumus matematika
10 – 1 = 9
10 adalah uang kita
1 adalah amal kita
9 adalah hasil yang akan kita dapat
Kita dapat lihat hasilnya akan lebih banyak dari pengurangannya.
Jadi ayo jangan ragu beramal!

Jumat, 14 Desember 2012

Analyze Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini

          When a scholars ( Muluk ) jobless and he try to looking for a job but he don't get it until he meet Komet being pocked and he fell angry with komet’s doing.
Someday Muluk meet with Komet again and comes to the komet’s house ( place the pickpockets live). In there Muluk has a planning. He want to teaching them How to get the money ( Halal ).
Muluk being Samsul.S.pd ( jobless )  to teach them education, earlier he fell difficult to teach. In a long time Muluk thinks that education is not enough to them so he comes pipit as a religious teacher .
The conflic comes when the Pipit and Muluk’s father want to know what the job of them ?
Her and him father follow pipit in there and them don’t agree if they get money from pickpocket. They thinks that is haram. So Muluk and Pipit have decision stop to do it.

The theme
 social live
The Value in this cinema 
 more like religion, politic, crime, education, etc.
- When komet's and friend meet with pipit and teach about religion she teach how the manner of pray, fundamental lessons of Islam.
- when the government don't care with the poor
- When the children must get study but the reality is they to be a pickpocket
- Little knowledge from someone can make people change there mind and  live
 The massage of this cinema
 we must care with the condition in around implementation our skills to help each other
 The benefit of this cinema
- we can learn from the spirit of Muluk to find the job
- spirit of komet's friend to struggling to survive
- Education is important to young generation

Jumat, 23 November 2012

Ice Breaker

Education in kindergarten is not always reading, writing, and arithmetic (calistung) but play games too.
We can imagine that just in 1 (one) hour a children focus in a lessons, they will bore. So every 20 minutes we must give variation songs, games, or just move their body.
Around 5 (five) minutes when we do it our children or our student will be enjoyable, they would not bored.
And i think this is amazing when all of children in the word interested with school which has a study for fun, they will learn more and more so our country will have a smart children and can competitive with other country.
I hope it be reality